Organised Panels

Rural-urban cleavages in the Congolese conflicts

June 30, 2017. European Conference for African Studies. Basel, Switzerland

Contest and Collusion: Local Adaption to Externally Induced Policies and Practices in Eastern DRC

July 10, 2015. European Conference for African Studies. Paris, France.

Invited talks

Africa briefing: the current situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

April 25, 2017. Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations. Brussels, Belgium

Security Dynamics in North and South Kivu. Beyond Islands of Stability

November 9, 2015. MONUSCO Stabilisation Support Unit workshop. Goma, DRC.

DRC: The role of humanitarian aid in the persistent crisis.

October 9, 2015. 17th Humanitarian Congress Berlin. Berlin, Germany

Research in War: The case of the Democratic Republic of Congo

October 5, 2015. Université Paris X – Nanterre, MA course on the sociology of armed conflict. Paris, France

Seen from the East: Lessons from the 2011 elections and prospects for 2016 in the Congo

June 26, 2015. SOAS workshop on elections in central and southern Africa. London, UK.

On the ground impacts of ‘conflict minerals’ initiatives in eastern Congo

May 5, 2015. OECD – United Nations – ICGLR forum on responsible minerals sourcing. Paris, France.

Current trends in artisanal mining in eastern Congo

March 4, 2015. Egmont – EurAc – Open Society Initiative Study Day. Brussels, Belgium.

MONUSCO – une mission à la recherche de son objectif?

July 3, 2014. Colloque International de POLE Institute. Goma, DRC.

M23 and the current conflict in eastern Congo

May 30, 2013. Addis Ababa University. Talk for the Master course of the Institute for Peace and Security Studies

Endangered Human Rights and the elections in DR Congo

November 20, 2011. Allerweltshaus, Cologne.

Post earthquake humanitarian response in Haiti

January 12, 2011. German-African Centre, Bonn.

Conference presentations

Raia Mutomboki and Nyatura. An indicative comparison of eastern DRC’s two largest armed ‘franchises’

September 11, 2014. African Studies Association Biennial Meeting. Brighton, UK.

From ‘Conflict Minerals’ to Closed Pipelines

September 11, 2014. African Studies Association Biennial Meeting. Brighton, UK.

From ‘Conflict Minerals’ to Closed Pipelines

April 24, 2014. CAS Annual Conference on African Studies. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Emergence, mobilisation, and transformation or Raia Mutomboki

October 28, 2013. Workshop on armed forces and conflict dynamics in the Great Lakes. Kampala, Uganda.

Linking regional politics to local security dilemmas – the case of Raia Mutomboki

June 30, 2013. European Conference for African Studies. Lisbon, Portugal.

Peacekeeping & Humanitarian Aid, a Clash of Philosophies? 

November 22, 2012. Cologne Youth Conference for African Studies IV, Cologne University.

Causes of the Congolese Civil Wars and their implications for Humanitarian Assistance

November 14, 2010. Cologne Youth Conference for African Studies III, Cologne University.

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