Christoph Vogel’s blog is a wonderful source of information on Congo. It is full of fascinating facts, ideas, and debates. As such, it has quickly become a key resource for researchers as well as for those interested in the Great Lakes region.

Séverine Autesserre (Professor at Barnard College, author of ‘Peaceland’ and ‘The Trouble with the Congo’)

Christoph Vogel is one of the rare foreign voices in the Congo who can paint with a fine brush and a full palette of colors. This blog should be essential reading for congophiles.

Jason Stearns (Director of the Congo Research Group at NY University, author of ‘Dancing in the Glory of Monsters’)

A blog worth to read regularly – a blog that goes beyond the obvious, a blog that looks deeper.

Richard Zink (Former EU ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mali)

Le site de Christoph Vogel, dont les contributions sur l’Afrique centrale, est d’une très grande qualité et d’une pertinence élevée. Il représente également un outil de travail indispensable pour les chercheurs concernés par cette partie très malmenée de l’Afrique.

Jean-Claude Willame (Professor Emeritus at Université Catholique de Louvain, author of ‘L’odysée Kabila’)


These statements do not represent endorsement of any particular content.

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