Why Herbst And Mills Are Wrong About Congo’s “Invisible State”

(first published on African Arguments: http://africanarguments.org/2013/06/27/why-herbstmills-are-wrong-about-congo’s-“invisible-state”-–-by-christoph-vogel/) The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a failed state The Democratic Republic of the Congo is falling apart The Democratic Republic of the Congo does not exist. By relying on tired clichés in yet another relentless description of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Herbst and Mills have created a … Continue reading

Interview: À quoi faut-il s’attendre de la “Brigade d’Intervention”?

In the following interview, Josaphat Musamba, a Congolese analyst and lecturer, replies to a couple of burning questions in regards to MONUSCO’s force intervention brigade which is in the process of deploying, having the task of “neutralising” armed groups in eastern DRC. Pensez vous que la brigade va répondre aux exigences du mandat offensif ? … Continue reading

The heart of brightness

Reporting on the Democratic Republic of the Congo is not easy. Still, there are journalists and analysts who manage to maintain a reasonable well balanced style. Others regularly fall prey to the most damaging clichés, from 1960 to present. Barely knowing about DRC’s complexities in terms of politics and society, they employ crude narratives displaying … Continue reading

Local security dilemmas in eastern Congo

“La politique est formée dans les pensées des gens qui tiennent leur experience dans les mains.” (Raia Mutomboki combatant, April 2013) 2013 has so far been a period of relative calm around Bunyakiri, in South Kivu’s Kalehe territory. The locality, consisting roughly of three villages (Bulambika, Kando, and Kambali) had experienced increased levels of violence … Continue reading

The FDLR, a never ending curse in eastern Congo?

Discussing the Front pour la Libération du Rwanda, FDLR, is not an easy task. Not only that its history, activities, and ramifications are often opaque and controversial, also debates in academia and media usually spark fierce ideological drumming on all sides, social media being the best example. Still, many do it constantly. The recent rhetorical … Continue reading