Understanding conflict in resource-rich post-colonial states

Understanding conflict in resource-rich post-colonial states The need to overcome simplistic narratives based on natural resource exploitation (first published at African Arguments / written with Joschka Havenith of Cologne University) Diamonds and Rubber in Sierra Leone, oil in Angola and Sudan, tantalum and gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, copper in Zambia, the … Continue reading

Thoughts on Rwanda… (and genocide)

Exactly 20 years ago this evening, a plane was shot down over the hills of Kigali. At that time I was much too young to do analysis or research, let alone to board a plane to be on spot. So I cannot actually imagine how it must have been that day and the following 100. However, … Continue reading

Reconfiguring the state in eastern DRC: fixing the unfixable?

(first published on openDemocracy on 3 April 2014) Two decades on from the Rwanda bloodletting, conflicts still simmer in neighbouring DRC. While their success remains mixed,  international agendas of state- and peace-building heavily impact on everyday life and the ‘governing of the ungovernable’. Among the most visible examples, the UN stabilisation agenda through its peacekeeping mission … Continue reading