Kabila upholds control as Tshisekedi is baulked from taking oath publicly

The much expected inauguration ceremonies in DRC have passed without major surprises. Kabila has sworn before the CENI, the Supreme Court, and the Senate President (and opposition candidate) Leon Kengo wa Dondo for his second official (and third real, after having already been President between 2001 and 2006 during the “transition” period) term. The ceremony … Continue reading

DRC gets stuck in post-electoral stalemate as the Supreme Court’s verdict is expected

A couple of days after Reverend Ngoyi Mulunda, chairman of the CENI, has released the provisional final results of DRC’s presidential polls (which were despite their name lacking a number of polling stations and any explanation why others had been annulled) the electoral process has disembogued into deadlock. The results proclaiming incumbent Joseph Kabila winner … Continue reading

Complete provisional election results in DRC released: Oppositions rejects while Kinshasa trembles

Those are the results, as issued by Rev. Daniel Ngoyi Mulunda, chairman of the CENI yesterday afternoon in Kinshasa. The proclamation of these results do affirm what has become obvious during the various partial results published within the last week. Incumbent President Joseph Kabila has realised a landslide win according to CENI numbers, having obtained … Continue reading

Aleae iactae sunt? The Democratic Republic of Congo at crossroads while waiting for final results

Observers and commentators have been waiting in vain as the national independent electoral commission (CENI) in DRC announced one partial results after another. The proclamation of the complete provisional results scheduled for 6th of December has then finally be postponed “up to 48 hours” which means they will be published latest on 8th of December … Continue reading

As tension mounts ahead of DRC election results proclamation – Where is the European Union?

Many observers and commentators of the ongoing Congolese elections have been wondering about a rather silent if not completely absent international community and global press, compared to DRC’s last elections in 2006. As the fourth partial round of the presidential results have appeared and the provisional final results are expected for today, incumbent President Joseph … Continue reading

Dritte Veröffentlichung von Teilergebnissen der Wahlen in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo – Die Situation spitzt sich zu

Hier ein Artikel, den ich für die deutsche Menschenrechtorganisation Genocide Alert e.V. geschrieben habe: Nachdem vergangenen Montag, den 28. November 2011 in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo die zweiten demokratischen Präsidentschafts- und Parlamentswahlen der Geschichte des Landes ausgetragen wurden, scheint sich im Laufe der zögerlich voranschreitenden Auszählung das politische Klima zu erhitzen. Am Dienstag, den 6. … Continue reading

Second partial tranche of DRC election results: CENI gives Kabila clear lead

Yesterday’s evening has been time for release of the second partial communication of election results by the National Independent Electoral Commission in Democratic Republic of Congo. While those new results include 30% of the votes cast across DRC, the provincial level of counting is varying between 3% (Kinshasa) and 67% (Bas-Congo) with all other provinces … Continue reading