New edition – Mapping armed groups in eastern Congo

(the cover photo of this article is a partial screenshot of the full map linked below) After a first edition four months ago, a renewed map localising a majority of non-state armed groups – more precisely, their zones of influence – in eastern DRC (focus on North and South Kivu provinces) is now available here. … Continue reading

15 points MONUSCO can do better (if its principals allow…)

15 points on the forthcoming MONUSCO mandate renewal In a few days, MONUSCO’s mandate (currently S/RES/2098) will be renewed by the UN Security Council under collaboration of the UN Secretariat, the DPKO, the DPA, the C34 committee (as a proxy for troop contributing countries), and other entities. MONUSCO has been successfully improving its record in … Continue reading

Thoughts on MONUSCO’s upcoming mandate renewal

On 28 March 2013, the UN Security Council did something unexpected in many years before. It made clear, in its resolution 2098 that a peacekeeping force could, under given circumstances, actually implement chapter VII of the UN Charter. To this end, the so-called Force Intervention Brigade has been established with separate rules of engagement and … Continue reading

FARDC hunting down APCLS in Masisi, and what about FDLR?

After a period of conspicious calm, Masisi has (for saddening reasons) returned on the scene in February. The last weeks have been marred by stark violence and massive military activities, in particular in the territory’s southwestern parts. What happened? A brief summary analysis. As of late January, political tensions (displayed mostly along ethnic lines) have … Continue reading