Analyses and op-ed’s

Why it’s important to understand how information warfare shapes DR Congo’s M23 conflict

The New Humanitarian, Geneva, 2023.

La dangereuse guerre des mots dans l’est du Congo

Afrique XXI, Paris, 2023.

What M23’s on-and-off insurgency tells us about DRC’s precarious search for peace

The Conversation, London, 2022.

Lessons from the DRC’s 10th Ebola epidemic: the people may know best

The Conversation, London, 2022.

The Problem with Conflict Minerals

Dissent Magazine, New York, 2021.

The Academic Game

Africa Is A Country, New York, 2021.

Colonial Frameworks: Epistemic Surrender

The Elephant, Nairobi, 2021.

Le NDC-Rénové détrône Guidon, qui avait détrôné Sheka

Kivu Security Tracker, Goma, 2020

Clichés Can Kill in Congo

Foreign Policy, Washington, 2019.

General Mudacumura: the death of a most-wanted

Kivu Security Tracker, Goma, 2019

The Ethics of Political Art

Africa Is a Country. New York, 2018.

En mémoire de Michael Sharp et Zaida Catalán, tués au Kasaï le 12 mars

Jeune Afrique. Paris, 2018.

U.N. peacekeepers were killed in Congo. Here’s what we know.

Washington Post. Washington, 2017.

Congolese Mathematics: Kabila, elections, and the slide rule of dialogue & duress

Mail & Guardian. Johannesburg, 2016.

The dogged persistence of the FDLR

Congo Research Group. New York, 2016.

“Just let us fight, and the war will end” – a review of Justine Brabants new book on eastern Congo

African Arguments. London, 2016.

New documentary film, ‘We Will Win Peace,’ skillfully debunks many myths behind conflict minerals in the Congo

Africa Is A Country. New York, 2015.

Les minerais du sang ou les avatars de la bonne conscience

La Revue Nouvelle, Brussels. 2015.

After UN-Kinshasa fallout, operations against FDLR begin in eastern DRC

African Arguments, London. 2015

Why was the UN sidelined in “joint” DRC operation against rebels?

IRIN, Nairobi. 2015

Review: Peaceland – Conflict Resolution and the Everyday Politics of International Intervention

African Arguments, London. 2014

DRC: Conflict minerals movement at a crossroads

Al Jazeera English, Doha. 2014

In eastern Congo, economic colonialism in the guise of ethical consumption?

Washington Post, Washington. 2014

Assessing the performance of MONUSCO’s Force Intervention Brigade

African Arguments, London. 2014

Peace accords, but the puzzle still perplexes 

The Africa Report, Paris. 2014

Eastern DRC: Stop Fixating on Conflict Minerals

Think Africa Press, London. 2014.

Beyond greed or grievance: understanding conflict in resource-rich states

African Arguments, London. 2014.

Post-M23 Euphoria and the Recurrent Peace Dividends in Eastern DRC

Kujenga Amani Forum, Social Science Research Council (SSRC). 2014.

Dancing with the Word “Genocide”

International Peace Institute (Global Observatory), New York. 2014.

Reconfiguring the state in eastern DRC: fixing the unfixable?

openDemocracy, London. 2014.

DRC: The Amani Festival Shows Off Goma’s Fun Side

Think Africa Press, London. 2014.

Autopsie d’une stabilisation complexe de l’ONU en République Démocratique du Congo

Resolution Possible, London. 2014

Musicians sing for peace at DRC festival

The Guardian, London. 2014

DR Congo risks violence despite rebel defeat

Al Jazeera English, Doha. 2014.

With M23 gone, will other armed groups in Eastern DRC demobilise?

African Arguments, London. 2013.

Big Victory as M23 Surrenders, But Not an End to Congo’s Travails

International Peace Institute (Global Observatory), New York. 2013.

End of an era? What next for the DR Congo now the M23 has been defeated?

Think Africa Press, London. 2013.

Why peacebuilding in eastern Congo often goes wrong, and why it is so hard to get it right

Kujenga Amani Forum, Social Science Research Council (SSRC). 2013.

République Démocratique du Congo: Mon nom pour une chanson

Le Monde’s Courrier International, Paris. 2013.

Eastern Congo’s recent troubles: who pulls the strings, what is at stake, and why do things happen?

African Arguments, London. 2013.

Congo: Why UN peacekeepers have a credibility problem

The Guardian, London. 2013.

Say my name: How ‘shout-outs’ keep Congolese musicians in the money

The Guardian & Think Africa Press, London. 2013.

North Kivu braces for potential UN-armed group clashes

IRIN News, Nairobi. 2013

UN’s elite force raises the stakes in DRC

Al Jazeera English, Doha. 2013.

DRC: Who are the Raïa Mutomboki?

Think Africa Press, London. 2013.

Thin-Skinned quarrels: MONUSCO and Humanitarian Action in the Congo

African Arguments, London. 2013.

Why Herbst and Mills are wrong about Congo’s “invisible state”

African Arguments, London. 2013.

Taking the Fight to the DRC Rebels: The Potential Pitfalls of a UN Intervention Brigade

Think Africa Press, London. 2013.

Congo’s Most Powerful Rebel Speaks

Real Clear World, Washington. 2013.

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