Congo’s Army and the Death of (US) Sanctions

Last Friday, Congolese president Felix Tshisekedi ordered the first major army reshuffle since he assumed office in early 2019. Read as part of a four-hours live-televised litany on national TV, the main outcome is a heavy rotation through numerous army branches and command posts. Perhaps most relevant is the dismissal of long-standing Inspector-General John Numbi, … Continue reading

The NDC-Rénové kicks out Guidon, who kicked out Sheka

A long-suspected split cuts in two the largest armed group of eastern Congo (picture of Lukweti, Masisi area (c) MONUSCO Flickr) Last night, near Pinga in one of its main headquarters, the NDC-Rénové has announced the demotion of its top commander Guidon Shimiray Mwissa. In a communiqué signed by the movement’s spokesperson Désiré Ngabo, the … Continue reading