DRC polls marred by irregularities – Auspices for a hot post-electoral stew


Again – this is considered as a cautious attempt to comment on the Congolese electoral process. Yesterday’s presidential and parliamentary elections in Democratic Republic of Congo have been shattered by local outbreaks of violence and a general chaos due to several formal problems, amongst them non-registration of voters, fake registrations, uncertainty about where to vote, … Continue reading

Massive delays and violence in Congo Elections – Polls extended to make queued people vote


On the 28th of November 2011, the Democratic Republic of Congo has experienced its second democratic elections after 2006. In the following, I will try to give some cautious assessment of what has happened during that day, amended by some background information. While four years ago, the electoral process has been marked by a rivalry … Continue reading

Momentaufnahme: Wahltag in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo

Lake Kivu with DRC flag

Folgende Informationen wurden im Laufe des Tages von Radio Okapi, RFI, AL Jazeera English, der Wahlkommission CENI sowie kongolesischen Augenzeugen berichtet: Die Wahlbüros scheinen größtenteils ab 5/6 Uhr morgens geöffnet zu haben, zahlreiche Wahlbüros berichten von einer sehr hohen Wahlbeteiligung. In zahlreichen Wahlbüros gab es laut unterschiedlichen Quellen keine Wahlbeobachter, weder international noch national, sondern … Continue reading