Le Burundi en crise ? Réflexions partantes des rumeurs ‘imbonerakure’

Anonymous guest blog Le 8 avril 2013, la presse burundaise et internationale s’émeut à la suite d’un câble confidentiel que le Représentant du Secrétaire Général des Nations-Unies, Parfait Onanga Anyanga, a envoyé à New York. Le message est destiné au Secrétaire Général adjoint Jeffrey Feltman avec copie à Hervé Ladsous, responsable des opérations de maintien … Continue reading

Seeking Justice in DR Congo’s Conflict: Can War-Crimes Trials Overcome Violence and Build the Rule of Law?

Guest post by Milli Lake   (© Milli Lake) On 20th November, 2012, over 130 women and girls in eastern DR Congo were raped and sexually assaulted by members of the Congolese armed forces. The incident occurred after hundreds of soldiers from the national army were driven out of the provincial capital of Goma by the … Continue reading

How John Kerry could help bring peace to Congo (…by questioning constructed and patchy arguments)

Once more, a disingenuous op-ed on eastern Congo comes up with a brittle bricolage of little evidenced clichés. On MSNBC, Mr. Prendergast and Mr. Lezhnev (for whom I have highest personal respect, which does not exclude the possibility to scrutinise their claims in a critical manner) try to give advice to the John Kerry and … Continue reading