Amani Itakuya #22: Eradicating the FDLR for Sustainable Peace and Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Eradicating the FDLR for Sustainable Peace and Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo Olivier Nduhungirehe There is a general consensus that one of the root causes of the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The former Government’s army (ex-FAR), the Interahamwe militias … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya #21: Tomorrow, maybe…


Tomorrow, maybe… Mbuku Ngomanseke “Every man hears only what he understands” (Goethe). Nowhere else, this is so true than in the Great Lakes region. For almost two decades, the Eastern part of DRC has been the epicentre of violence and seemingly never ending conflicts. While a lot of initiatives have been tried, numerous conferences took place … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya #20: Reforming the Congolese security sector


Reforming the Congolese security sector Timo Mueller Eastern Congo has been a fertile environment for the development and growth of armed groups. As a result, violence is a currency frequently traded, leaving the Kivus in a protracted crisis. But it is not just armed groups that exact a devastating toll on the civilian population. In … Continue reading

Finally good news? What militia surrenders mean for eastern Congo


A few days ago, I have argued in this piece that M23’s demise has not entrenched automatism in appeasing conflicts across the Kivus. While it can be filed as a first success in lowering armed conflict in the region, key protagonists must maintain their vigilance and – with a more political and diplomatic focus – continue … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya #19: American Advocacy for the Congo – The Importance of Unity

Kisangani, DR Congo, 2009

American Advocacy for the Congo – The Importance of Unity Anand Upadhyaya The work being done on behalf of the Congo by the American advocacy community is truly inspiring. Being relatively new to Congo advocacy, I have found this group of analysts, academics, and activists to be open and inclusive in sharing their unique perspective … Continue reading

With M23 off the game, will other armed groups demobilise?


(This analysis has first been published by African Arguments) Obviously, there is a lot of stuff going on in terms of disarmament and demobilisation of armed groups since M23’s surrender two weeks ago. While the situation around Makenga’s rebellion remains unclear – most of the état-major and the rank and file seem to be under … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya #18: La paix…


La paix… Soraya Aziz Souleymane   J’ai 32 ans et je me demande ce que ce mot signifie vraiment. A 9 ans j’ai vu la paix se désintégrer sous mes yeux. Le Président Mobutu pleurait en direct à la télévision Nationale en décrétant le multipartisme au Zaïre. Ceci faisait suite à une série de manifestations … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya #17: “The woodpecker in the dead tree”

“The woodpecker in the dead tree”: armed conflict and peacebuilding in Eastern DRC Bram Verelst In preparation of my contribution to this Amani Itakuya series, I found it useful to first try to unravel current dialogues and debates on conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It comes to no surprise that I stumbled upon a … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya #16: Leadership Renewal for a Sustainable Peace in Eastern Congo


Leadership Renewal for a Sustainable Peace in Eastern Congo    Robert Falay   If I was asked, as a Congolese, to point out the cause of the ongoing instability in eastern Congo, my answer would be without hesitation the lack of strong, competent and visionary leadership. For decades the Congolese government has been totally absent … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya #15: Diplomatic tricks, military victories, regional integration, and hopes for peace: in DRC, nothing is impossible

Summit of Nyiragongo volcano in North Kivu

Diplomatic tricks, military victories, regional integration, and hopes for peace: in DRC, nothing is impossible Willy Change [1]   The M23 surrender and reactions On November 5, the one-and-a-half-year old M23 rebellion dropped its weapons following a renewed joint FARDC/MONUSCO offensive on its last strongholds and a refusal from Kinshasa to negotiate blanket amnesty conditions for … Continue reading