May there be a hidden rationale for the M23 upsurge?

Here’s to a somewhat tentative analysis (which means: serious comment are very welcome): As M23 is moving ahead (still controlling the bordering areas between DRC, Uganda, and Rwanda while enlarging its sphere of influence up to Rumangabo) and new desertions towards the group have become known, national and international debates are gaining momentum. Kabila sent … Continue reading

On how (not) to stop M23, and the flux of rematches & paradigm shifts

The moment this is written, breaking news stipulate the ‘new’ M23 rebel movement has taken further villages in the rural area around Rutshuru in North Kivu. Based between the mentioned town and bordering Bunagana (crossing to Uganda), the movement now controls more and more villages in the area while counter offensives fail due to M23’s … Continue reading