A glimpse of my portfolio is below. For more information contact me via email.

150245_1760575776557_1303922679_32073164_7733978_n  IMG_0995

DSC_0002x  DSC_0115x

DSC_0125x  DSC_0224x

DSC_0650x  DSC_0676x

DSC_0733x  DSC_0739x

DSC_0992x  DSC_1070x

DSC_1078x  DSC_1119x

DSC_1164x  DSC_1172x

DSC_1341x  IMG_1117

IMG_3126  IMG_3281

IMG_3550  IMG_3716

IMG_4617  IMG_4614

back  Kinshasa, DR Congo, 2009

DR Congo  Lake Kivu 2010

Haiti   IMG_0394

IMG_0359y  Bukavu


Kinshasa, DR Congo, 2009  Kasangulu, DR Congo, 2008

Kinshasa, DR Congo, 2008  Kinshasa, DR Congo, 2008


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