Guest post: Observations on the Goma seizure

This is a guest post by David Barouski (Twitter: DBarou): These are my observations and comments after reading through the events of November 21, 2012.  They are not organized and written down as they came to me, so I apologize for the haphazardness and lack of being easy to follow.  Most of these points are … Continue reading

M23 advancing, consolidating, others negotiating, moving. And the report is out.

Roughly 24 hours after M23 has taken the city of Goma, many movements have been observed on the ground and the proliferation of rumours, most notably via twitter has reached mushrooming dynamics. Time to wrap up and present the major bullet points: What has been happening around Goma? M23 has been taking command all over … Continue reading

Goma in the hands of M23, what’s next?

Roughly two hours ago, the M23 or ARC has taken control of major parts of Goma. Many FARDC have retreated (most sources say to Bukavu or to nearby base of Sake. The airport of the city seems to remains under MONUSCO control, but most planes grounded and M23 all around the parcel seem to tolerate … Continue reading

The M23 attack, on Goma!? Reflections.

This is written as fighting in Goma resumes amidst uncertainty and numerous rumours about locations and reasons. Thursday, an almost three months cease-fire between Congolese government troops of FARDC and the M23 (its military wing called ARC now) ended and clashes paved the ground for a major change of positions three days later, the outcome … Continue reading

Bits and pieces on current events in and about eastern Congo

Here is to a couple of paragraphs on recent developments amid the ongoing crises in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Rutshuru/M23/ARC:  The Rutshuru-based mutiny has remained rather idle on the battlefields while engaging in new (partly forced) recruitment within the territories under its control. Few weeks ago, the M23 was officially renamed ARC (Armée … Continue reading