Suluhu’s “Cercle de Concertation” is a nascent decolonial collective of research consultants and investigators, specialising on questions of human security and political economy in the Great Lakes region. A crowd-sourced team, the Cercle de Concertation brings together unparalleled and unique experience, its members being based in and drawing from long-term experience on the entire Great Lakes region of Central Africa. Suluhu also works with a broader network of international consultants, whose track record spans Burundi, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan,Tanzania and Uganda. Combining dedicated professionals from different continents, Suluhu offers a vibrant expertise, with a particular accent on the following sectors, issues and topics:

  • Dynamics of (in-)security
  • Conflict analysis and mapping
  • Risk assessment
  • Cross-border economics and politics
  • Peacebuilding & Peacekeeping
  • Resource governance
  • Local governance and development
  • Political economy analysis
  • Humanitarian action and relief
  • Stabilisation and state-building
  • Political participation and democratic process
  • Governance and policy development
  • Regional expertise on Central and East Africa

Consulting, research, and analysis services in these areas can be requested via email.

References / former clients:

International Peace Information Service (IPIS), International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO), PAX and Geneva Call.

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