New edition – Mapping armed groups in eastern Congo

(the cover photo of this article is a partial screenshot of the full map linked below)

After a first edition four months ago, a renewed map localising a majority of non-state armed groups – more precisely, their zones of influence – in eastern DRC (focus on North and South Kivu provinces) is now available here. However, it still includes a few inaccuracies and gaps (as probably any such attempts to a certain extent would…).

It includes recent developments in between the reference date of the first edition (October 2013) and the second one (February 2014) as well as refinements due to improved information and more thorough crosschecks. Most notable changes include the demise of M23 and the dislodging of ADF, as well as a few shifts in Masisi, Shabunda, Uvira, and Fizi.

A third edition is planned for the situation as it will develop by June 2014. If possible it will feature an annex with more detailed information on the structure of armed groups and include actors so far not mapped. Further details on methodology, disclaimers, and restrictions are provided in plain text and within the maps at:

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