Haiti earthquake update

As we got several problems here in Hinche/Centre province, I was not able to connect myself to the net earlier than now. We are facing serious scarcity of fuel and gasoline, thus internet access is limited as it depends heavily on power generators. We also try to establish a kind of transport bridge to support people in Port-au-Prince, but this has not been possible so far, due to the lack of fuel and gasoline and further the lack of information concerning the security around the metropolitan area. Every day we get new information about the situation around the capital which is extremely deplorable and almost hopeless. We also hear more and more rumours about pillages and riots starting there, but nothing has been confirmed so far. Here in Hinche the situation remains stable, apart from the lack of fuel and gasoline there are no major threats by now, water and food supply remains stable. Nevertheless we prepare ourselves to flee to the dominican republic in case things get worse here.
Up to now, I may our situation as that of so-called luxury prisoners. I choose that description because we have almost everything we need, including a rather secure ambiance, but we are stuck here and cannot really engage ourselves in rescue measures, which apparently still not have really begun. For the moment I cannot really give an outlook on what will happen the next days, but I hope that there will be some developments, as well in the capital as concerning our mobility and ability to help. I will try to keep you informed on this webpage as well as through email and my facebook account, but I cannot promise when I will be able to access the net again. Please spread the information and do not worry. Thank you!

One Response to “Haiti earthquake update”
  1. Johannes says:

    Hallo christoph, vermutlich haben wir nicht ansatzweise eine Vorstellung davon, welche situation du dort gerade erleben muss. Es ist jedenfalls gut zu wissen, dass es dir soweit gut geht und ich bin sehr beeindruckt von deinen berichten. In Gedanken bin ich bei dir. Ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel Kraft. Pass bitte auch auf dich auf. Liebe grüße, Johannes

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