Ebola Healthcare at Gunpoint – the New Normal?

[This piece was originally published on MSF Analysis] Emmanuel Lampaert and Heather Pagano The latest deadly attacks on Ebola response teams in eastern DRC were horrific. Assailants killed four people and injured others in Biakato Mines and Mangina on 28 November. MSF condemns these attacks and extends its condolences to the families and friends of … Continue reading

Mining cooperatives (Suluhu Working Paper 1)

(ENGLISH BELOW) Comme de nombreux observateurs intéressés le savent, il n’est toujours facile de démêler la dynamique complexes politiques, sociales et économiques dans la région des Grands Lacs de l’Afrique, en particulier en République Démocratique du Congo (DRC/RDC). Dans cette région, marquée par les conflits récurrents et l’insécurité, un travail minutieux et à long terme est souvent … Continue reading

Tensions abound in Masisi

Much attention on the Congo was monopolised by continuous debates over the mounting pre-electoral controversies in the past few weeks.  At the same time, a set of events much more immediately impacting the lives of many Congolese went largely unnoticed outside local media and the notable exception of one Reuters report: in northern Masisi territory … Continue reading

Rift Valley Courses 2016

In roughly, two months, the Rift Valley Institute – a London- and Nairobi-based non-profit think tank – will launch yet another series of its annual ‘field courses’, intense one-week summer schools on three of the institute’s core areas of research: the Horn of Africa, the Sudans, and the African Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes course … Continue reading

The new Security Council resolution 2277 on MONUSCO

A few hours ago, the UN Security Council has unanimously adopted – under Angolan presidency – its resolution 2277 extending MONUSCO’s mandate for another year (the 17th) and outlining the grand lines of UN politics on the Congo for the coming twelve months, a period arguably to be marked by heavy contestation at various levels. … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya II: Conclusion

Concluding remarks: On the emergence of essayists Jason Stearns   Over the past month, Amani Itakuya has published twenty five essays about the conflict in the Eastern Congo, a majority of which were penned by Congolese. In conclusion, it is worth thinking about the space that these essays have carved out. Political and social debate … Continue reading

AIII #19: Après 10 ans d’exile, Sadiki retrouve sa famille

Après 10 ans d’exile, Sadiki retrouve sa famille (photo par l’auteur) Ley Uwera La guerre et les conditions de vie extrêmement difficiles poussent des milliers de familles congolaises à fuir en République démocratique du Congo (RDC). Sadiki a 7 ans lorsque la guerre déclenchée par les rebelles du Congrès national pour la défense du peuple … Continue reading

AIII #15: Le déplacement massif de la communauté Banyamulenge et l’impact négatif de l’assistance humanitaire dans cette communauté

Le déplacement massif de la communauté Banyamulenge et l’impact négatif de l’assistance humanitaire dans cette communauté Rodrigue Rukumbuzi   Les guerres consécutives dans les pays des grands lacs et plus particulièrement la République démocratique du Congo sont devenues une occasion de déplacement en masse ou d’exil pour les personnes de la communauté de Banyamulenge des … Continue reading

AIII #5: Representing Violence in the DRC – Time for a new Narrative

Representing Violence in the DRC: Time for a new Narrative Charlotte Mertens   Writing on violence in the Congo is a compelling and perplexing task, particularly because our cognitive framework is inundated with colonial imagery of African primitivism and savagery. These images persist and fuel contemporary understandings of events in the DRC (see Dunn 2003). … Continue reading

Ayiti. A thought and a retrospective.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the disastrous earthquake that countless people and hopes in Haiti, a country that has not had an easy stand even before it was struck by such unthinkable catastrophe. It has been almost five years too, that I have not been there myself, so I am not going to give … Continue reading