Small update

The situation in Hinche/Plateau Central remains unforeseeable. We are now facing more and more people coming from the capital and looking for medical assistance, food, water, shelter and so on. We are in contact with Dominican collaborators and will maybe receive trucks with medical ais by tomorrow, but it has still be organized, how they can arrive here safely. We further try to establish a sort of regional coordination team because till now there was no cooperation between local and international actors or in between them. Now at least they seem to be aware of the huge problems the region will surely be confronted with. At this second we received a message that we had to leave the country, I do not really know what will happen.
It seems that more and more the whole country will be affected by this tremendous disaster. I am a bit missing words. We will continue to work here and maybe there is a way to stay here securely for one or two days more because I think this might be important for the coordination right here in Hinche.

In general I am still worried whether even in the capital rescue measures are beginning to get more coordinated. I heard a lot of bad news from people arriving here. Haitian radion stations report on lots of airplanes whcih arrived with food, medication etc. but no distribution, or almost no, can happen. People coming from Port-au-Prince also told me that riots and pillages are going on. Who knows if a 10000 US military troop force (from which at the highest 5000 are soldiers!) can cope with a 2 million city which is sunk into total chaos. People from jail, from Cite Soleil, probably armed are bringing insecurity to the city and then to the regions around. There are lots of shootings there as well. I do not want to paint a totally black picture, but I am scared that the situation can get out of control – as MINUSTAH is noch really functional and the government remains helpless. I hope that efforts can be concentrated and coordinated and I ask not to forget the regions outside the capital – this is crucial for the whole development!
Alright, we will if the next update is from Haiti or Dominican Republic.

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