Kinshasa Vol. III

Hey everybody. It is 6 days now, since I came back to Kinshasa and still I could not really get started with my very work. Things are as difficult as always here. The transoport chaos has even aggravated since huge road rehabilitation programmes had taken place in the forefront of 50th independence anniversary and I have the impression that there are now more people in the city than some twelve months ago. This year I am staying in Yolo, which is one of the partly famous partly infamous opoular neighbourhoods. We live in a rather nice house, with my Congolese parents, all the brothers and sisters and a couple of cousins and other people. Electricity is as scarce as it always was, same for current water, but I do not want to complain. The only problem is that I definitely have to get my cellphones charged 24/24 since I should be available when people calling me due to appointments I have. Actually, since I am the one that needs to talk to a lot of people as to my research I cannot afford missing them. The second reason then is security. For we already have had one experience where running appeared to be the best choice (though in the end nothing happened) I am warned and I will be quite cautious not to get into the arms of Kuluna youth gangs or renegade police and army officers. But still: Same procedure as every year, I would only say things ,ight have deteriorated to some extent; major changes are not to be observed in Kinshasa urban area. Then, I am really exceited whether my trip to Goma is going to take place the way I hope.

So long for now. Cheers from Kinshasa.


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