Les Femmes de Pakadjuma : De Calais à Kinshasa, récit de la naissance d’un livre

Les Femmes de Pakadjuma : De Calais à Kinshasa, récit de la naissance d’un livre Stéphanie Perazzone (Institute of Development Policy (IOB), Université d’Anvers) Photo (c) Ange Kasongo.   Pakadjuma Ange Kasongo, journaliste Congolaise et auteure des Femmes de Pakadjuma, arrive, souriante, à notre table alors que le soleil commence doucement à descendre dans le … Continue reading

The NDC-Rénové kicks out Guidon, who kicked out Sheka

A long-suspected split cuts in two the largest armed group of eastern Congo (picture of Lukweti, Masisi area (c) MONUSCO Flickr) Last night, near Pinga in one of its main headquarters, the NDC-Rénové has announced the demotion of its top commander Guidon Shimiray Mwissa. In a communiqué signed by the movement’s spokesperson Désiré Ngabo, the … Continue reading

Ebola Healthcare at Gunpoint – the New Normal?

[This piece was originally published on MSF Analysis] Emmanuel Lampaert and Heather Pagano The latest deadly attacks on Ebola response teams in eastern DRC were horrific. Assailants killed four people and injured others in Biakato Mines and Mangina on 28 November. MSF condemns these attacks and extends its condolences to the families and friends of … Continue reading

General Mudacumura – The Death of a Most-Wanted

This morning, around 5am, the Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda’s (FDLR) long-standing overall military commander Lt.-Gen. Sylvestre Mudacumura (also known by his noms de guerre Bernard Mupenzi and Pharaon) has been killed in a raid near Bwito-Monument, a small locality in southern Bwito chieftaincy roughly situated between Bukombo and Bambu. Mudacumura has been one … Continue reading

Guest blog: « Toi et ta bière c’est combien ? » – Les serveuses de bars dans la ville de Bukavu

Les bars poussent comme des champignons dans la ville de Bukavu, tous en quête d’attraire le plus grand nombre de clients assoiffés. Par contre, les filles et femmes qui y travaillent sont exploitées économiquement et sexuellement par leurs patrons et les clients. La durée de travail trop longue, salaire bas, exposition aux brimades et harcèlements sexuels, objet de … Continue reading

New Suluhu Paper on insecurity in Beni (eastern DRC)

After a long lull – owing to finishing PhDs and a host of other intervening issues – we are glad to publish today Suluhu Working Paper #3. Written by Elie Kwiravusa, if offers a new look at Beni’s insecurity conundrum. Through a political, an economic and a social lenses, Kwiravusa tries to order the multiple … Continue reading

Rumblings galore after surprise results in Congo polls

It has been roughly 36 hours since the DRC’s independent electoral commission CENI has announced provisional results of presidential and provincial legislative elections (the third ballot, national legislative elections, still not published). Coming in at around 3am local time, the announcement had already been delayed a couple of days – as has been the ballot … Continue reading

Congo elections, a mixed picture across the Kivu provinces

On 30 December 2018, Congolese finally took to the country’s long-awaited national elections to cast ballots for their preferred presidential candidate as well as national and provincial MPs. In the run-up to the polls, significant polemic had evolved around numerous questions and the entire country held its breath in anticipation of what would come. The … Continue reading

Guest blog: Les dynamiques conflictuelles entre pêcheurs et polices maritimes sur le Lac Kivu

Cohésion ou tension ? Les dynamiques conflictuelles entre pêcheurs et polices maritimes sur le Lac Kivu Josaphat Musamba Bussy   A quel état appartient le Lac Kivu effectivement ? Depuis quelques années, les pêcheurs de  la ville de Bukavu, le centre de Birava, de Ishungu assistent impuissants à des actes d’arrestation, des cas d’expropriation des filets, d’interdiction … Continue reading

Unearthing the flaws in the Board of Inquiry report on the murder of Michael Sharp and Zaida Catalan

(For a PDF version of the below text, click here) In sequence to the violent upsurge in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) Kasai region since late 2016, the UN Security Council-mandated Group of Experts on the DRC (GoE) began investigating violations of International Humanitarian Law in the concerned region. During their field investigations, … Continue reading