Mining cooperatives (Suluhu Working Paper 1)


(ENGLISH BELOW) Comme de nombreux observateurs intéressés le savent, il n’est toujours facile de démêler la dynamique complexes politiques, sociales et économiques dans la région des Grands Lacs de l’Afrique, en particulier en République Démocratique du Congo (DRC/RDC). Dans cette région, marquée par les conflits récurrents et l’insécurité, un travail minutieux et à long terme est souvent … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya II: Conclusion


Concluding remarks: On the emergence of essayists Jason Stearns   Over the past month, Amani Itakuya has published twenty five essays about the conflict in the Eastern Congo, a majority of which were penned by Congolese. In conclusion, it is worth thinking about the space that these essays have carved out. Political and social debate … Continue reading

AIII #8: How to make peace in eastern Congo? Send in Céline Dion


How to make peace in eastern Congo? Send in Céline Dion Timo Mueller On 21 September 2014, 5,000 people streamed into the airport of Goma to take part in a concert of Peace One Day, a 16-year old movement to establish peace worldwide. While the festival was fun, the beats bustling and crowd cheering, the … Continue reading

AIII #5: Representing Violence in the DRC – Time for a new Narrative


Representing Violence in the DRC: Time for a new Narrative Charlotte Mertens   Writing on violence in the Congo is a compelling and perplexing task, particularly because our cognitive framework is inundated with colonial imagery of African primitivism and savagery. These images persist and fuel contemporary understandings of events in the DRC (see Dunn 2003). … Continue reading

AIII #1: Capoeira, une danse qui de-traumatise les enfants issus des groupes armés

Nsapu kapoeira photo 2

Capoeira, une danse qui de-traumatise les enfants issus des groupes armés (photo par l’auteur) Esther Nsapu   L’UNICEF vient de lancer un nouveau projet dénommé « Capoeira pour la paix » à Goma. Ceci dans le cadre de la réduction des violences et la réinsertion des enfants démobilisés dans la société et ceux de la communauté. Debout … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya, the second: Why an essay series on peace in the Great Lakes?


Amani Itakuya, the second: Why an essay series on peace in the Great Lakes? Christoph Vogel and Sekombi Katondolo One and a half years ago, the first Amani Itakuya series featured twenty-five diverse essays around topics as widely spread as disarmament, security sector reform, analyses of particular local conflicts and militias, justice, diplomacy, reconciliation, post-colonial … Continue reading

“Playing for Change, Singing for Peace” – A music festival in eastern Congo


Guest post by Timo Mueller, a Goma-based researcher, photos and videos courtesy Amani Festival In a region beset by violence, a music festival is a rare feat. This past weekend, more than 35,000 visitors from the Great Lakes Region of Africa and beyond visited the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo to celebrate … Continue reading

Quelques ingrédients du succès d’Amani (Festival)


Guest blog by Jean-Benoît Falisse, outreach and communications manager of the Festival Amani 2015 Il y a différentes façons de répondre à la question “quelle est la plus importante ressource de la République Démocratique du Congo?” Pour la plupart des observateurs, c’est sans aucun doute ses riches ressources naturelles : cuivre, cobalt, diamant, or, coltan et … Continue reading

AMANI ITAKUYA II – Call for Submissions


After 25 diverse and rich contributions last year, the Amani Itakuya essay series embarks on her second edition. Here is to the call for submissions in English and French. Please share widely and participate! NEW DEADLINE – 20 January 2015 (version française ci-dessous) AMANI ITAKUYA II – Call for Submissions With Eyes Wide Open & … Continue reading

Annual Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) takes on its 9th edition


Guest Blog by Gaius Kowene and Timo Mueller The 9th edition of the Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) will take place in Goma, in the east of Congo from 4-13 July. SKIFF is a 10-day festival that regularly brings together over 14,000 people from around the globe. Through workshops, community discussions, film screenings and debates SKIFF provides … Continue reading