Annual Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) takes on its 9th edition

Guest Blog by Gaius Kowene and Timo Mueller The 9th edition of the Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) will take place in Goma, in the east of Congo from 4-13 July. SKIFF is a 10-day festival that regularly brings together over 14,000 people from around the globe. Through workshops, community discussions, film screenings and debates SKIFF provides … Continue reading

Amani Festival | 14-16 February | Goma/DRC

Comme vous avez dû l’apprendre, le Festival AMANI, qui a été postposé après les évènements d’août à GOMA, aura lieu les 14, 15, 16 février 2014. Nous voulons lors de cet évènement de fête, de musique et de dance, rassembler des gens de tous les horizons, et principalement, les habitants de la région des Grands … Continue reading

A closer look at the Raia Mutomboki

With recent news that the Raia Mutomboki’s “original” chapter around Jean Musumbu is willing to integrate into national army FARDC, and rumours about subsequent tensions between “his” Raia Mutomboki and other subgroups more northwards in Shabunda territory of South Kivu province, it might be an opportunity to republish an earlier piece on the topic:   … Continue reading

The drama of post-colonial governance in contemporary African politics

Today’s global discourses feature a large variety of thoughts relating to current governance in many places in the world. In an age of globalisation and concurrent modes of governance, statehood, administration, and society organisation have emerged. The African continent, despite its massive variety of political culture and governance modes, prominently shows up as a place … Continue reading