Enough Project reply to the open letter on ‘conflict minerals’

The Enough Project, one of the major lobbyists in favour of Dodd Frank Section 1502, has gathered 27 other signatories to co-publish another reply (after 28 Congolese Kivutian civil society organisations and PACT) to the open letter published by 72 Congolese and international stakeholders in September 2014 (For further details, see – among many others … Continue reading

PACT reply to the open letter on ‘conflict minerals’

In the following op-ed, the NGO PACT that is involved in implementing the iTSCi traceability scheme in eastern DRC and neighbouring countries respond to the open letter on ‘conflict minerals’ published in September 2014. The following text represents the authors’ opinions only and may or may not reflect this website’s editorial line.   A conflict-free … Continue reading

28 North Kivu civil society organisations reply to the Open Letter

Please find below, in French, a reply to the earlier published open letter on so-called conflict minerals. It was co-ordinated by Prince Kihangi, a well-respected and experienced expert and signed by 27 other representatives. While we do not agree with all points raised and refute certain allegations, we are immensely pleased to see a further … Continue reading

‘Conflict Minerals’ – An Open Letter

Over a few months, we have been working on de-mystifying the discourses on so-called “conflict minerals” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to constructively but critically assess the policy response these discourses have provoked so far. The outcome is a letter signed by 70 Congolese and international observers. In the following paragraphs, first published with … Continue reading

Understanding conflict in resource-rich post-colonial states

Understanding conflict in resource-rich post-colonial states The need to overcome simplistic narratives based on natural resource exploitation (first published at African Arguments / written with Joschka Havenith of Cologne University) Diamonds and Rubber in Sierra Leone, oil in Angola and Sudan, tantalum and gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, copper in Zambia, the … Continue reading

Thoughts on Rwanda… (and genocide)

Exactly 20 years ago this evening, a plane was shot down over the hills of Kigali. At that time I was much too young to do analysis or research, let alone to board a plane to be on spot. So I cannot actually imagine how it must have been that day and the following 100. However, … Continue reading

The drama of post-colonial governance in contemporary African politics

Today’s global discourses feature a large variety of thoughts relating to current governance in many places in the world. In an age of globalisation and concurrent modes of governance, statehood, administration, and society organisation have emerged. The African continent, despite its massive variety of political culture and governance modes, prominently shows up as a place … Continue reading

Einige Gedanken zur Analyse von Bürgerkriegen (II/III)

Dieses Essay steht in der Folge der bereits veröffentlichen Gedanken zum Konzept des Staatszerfalls. Staatszerfall hat als mögliche, nicht notwendige Folge den kompletten Zusammenbruch der öffentlichen Ordnung in Form von Bürgerkrieg. Bürgerkriege sind bewaffnete Konflikte die eine international anerkannte Regierung und deren Armee gegen eine oder mehrere Oppositionsgruppen stellen, die in der Lage sind, effektiven … Continue reading

Failed States Index 2010 – Same same, but different!?

Finally, I take the issuance of this year’s Failed States Index as an opportune occasion to start writing again. To have a short-cut introduction, for different reasons I did not manage to write earlier on this blog. First, I felt somewhat exhausted after all the reporting from my work in Haiti during January, February and … Continue reading