On the emergence of Mayi Mayi Oregon

With recent massacres in Miriki (Lubero) and meandering political sparring around a potential ‘national dialogue’ in the headlines, the first weeks of 2016 followed the well-known mantra of ‘never a dull moment in Congo’. One other story, though, went almost unheard and continues developing with little attention from Congolese and Congo pundits: the first Mayi Mayi … Continue reading

Ihula & Rumangabo attacks overshadow DRC-Rwanda rapprochement on FDLR

Last week came with a remarkable diplomatic sign as Congo’s defence minister Aimé Ngoy Mukena (replaced yesterday in DRC’s most recent post-G7 cabinet reshuffle) met with his Rwandan counterpart James Kabarebe to discuss bilateral matters in Kigali. FDLR, the Rwandan militia surviving in eastern Congo for over 20 years and emanating from 1994’s genocidaire troops … Continue reading

Amani Itakuya II: Conclusion

Concluding remarks: On the emergence of essayists Jason Stearns   Over the past month, Amani Itakuya has published twenty five essays about the conflict in the Eastern Congo, a majority of which were penned by Congolese. In conclusion, it is worth thinking about the space that these essays have carved out. Political and social debate … Continue reading

AIII #21: Repenser la réinsertion des anciens combattants pour construire la paix à l’Est de la RDC

Repenser la réinsertion des anciens combattants pour construire la paix à l’Est de la RDC (photo par l’auteur) Umbo Salama Plusieurs organisations ont soutenu le processus de désarmement, démobilisation et réinsertion (DDR) des anciens combattants. Avec des financements des organismes internationaux ou du gouvernement congolais, ce processus a connu trop des ratés. En Avril 2004, … Continue reading

AIII #17: Why should the Government of the DRC prioritize SSR over DDR Programs?

Why should the Government of the DRC prioritize Security Sector Reform (SSR) over Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reinsertion (DDR) Programs? Mahaut de Talhouët Many articles have been written on the linkages between SSR and DDR, and how success in one of these fields is a prerequisite for success in the other. Research has also highlighted the … Continue reading

AIII #15: Le déplacement massif de la communauté Banyamulenge et l’impact négatif de l’assistance humanitaire dans cette communauté

Le déplacement massif de la communauté Banyamulenge et l’impact négatif de l’assistance humanitaire dans cette communauté Rodrigue Rukumbuzi   Les guerres consécutives dans les pays des grands lacs et plus particulièrement la République démocratique du Congo sont devenues une occasion de déplacement en masse ou d’exil pour les personnes de la communauté de Banyamulenge des … Continue reading

« Cette opération va échouer, ce n’est ni la première ni la dernière »

(This is an anonymous guest post) Six mois passés, la Monusco avait annoncé dans les médias que, pourvue du mandant et de la résolution 2098, lui enjoignant de mettre fin à des groupes armés qu’ils soient nationaux ou étranger, avait fait des annonce d’une éventuelle traque contre les FDLR au cas où ceux-ci ne se … Continue reading

Arithmetics of peacekeeping: MONUSCO’s mandate

As much an evergreen topic in the Congo than at Turtle Bay, the recurrent debate about peacekeeping in the DRC’s cycles of armed conflict will be reason for yet another high-level gathering in the UN Security Council on March 26, when a new MONUSCO resolution will most likely be decided after preceding consultations among troop-contributing … Continue reading

After UN-Kinshasa fallout, operations against FDLR begin in eastern DRC

(cross-published at African Arguments and modified/extended from IRIN, photo © Guy Oliver/IRIN) In early January 2015 joint operations between UN combat troops and Congolese soldiers against rebels who refused to disarm in eastern DRC were announced, repeatedly, as being imminent. The Congolese army – the FARDC – and MONUSCO’s Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) shared “a high level … Continue reading

Tracing the deadlock in dismantling FDLR

Imminent military operations against FDLR stir controversy in DRC On January 2nd, a six-months deadline set by regional political bodies SADC and ICGLR together with the Congolese government and MONUSCO for the self-demobilisation of the Forces Démocratiques pour la Libération du Rwanda (FDLR) run out. However, it did not trigger substantial results and the long-standing … Continue reading