Intermediate summary

This report has been written at 10pm, January 17th 2010. We are now getting ready to leave. There will not be an evacuation as there is noboby available to evacuate us. I would rather call it an “evocation” as the German embassy and the German Development Service as the institution we are currently working for … Continue reading

Small update

The situation in Hinche/Plateau Central remains unforeseeable. We are now facing more and more people coming from the capital and looking for medical assistance, food, water, shelter and so on. We are in contact with Dominican collaborators and will maybe receive trucks with medical ais by tomorrow, but it has still be organized, how they … Continue reading

Update II

This report has been written on Friday, 15th of January 2010, 11pm Since this afternoon things have changed to some extent and we find ourselves here in a new situation. Bit by bit we received more reports and emails from the capital which caused that we realized our own situation differently. Rumours about pillages and … Continue reading


This report has been written Friday, 15th of January, 2pm. The situation in Haiti seems to worsen more and more as time goes by. Whilst writing this I am listening to one of the very few national radio stations that are still working, Radio “Signal FM”. This station has cancelled its whole programme in order … Continue reading

Haiti earthquake update

As we got several problems here in Hinche/Centre province, I was not able to connect myself to the net earlier than now. We are facing serious scarcity of fuel and gasoline, thus internet access is limited as it depends heavily on power generators. We also try to establish a kind of transport bridge to support … Continue reading


Yesterday at 4.53pm local Haitian time (GMT-5) an extremely tough earthquake has occurred in Haiti. The Epicentre was located some 15km South West from the capital Port-au-Prince, which has been touched in full strength. In the Centre province, where I am still located, we still felt some strong waves on the ground. I was on … Continue reading